Chef Lara Robidoux


The Emerald Coast Convention Center is pleased to showcase the culinary skills of Executive Chef Lara Robidoux. Chef Lara is an honors graduate of the Culinary Arts program at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, N.C. She hails from Grand Rapids, Mich., but has spent most of her adult life moving around the United States as a military spouse.


Chef Lara has honed her skills working for several fine dining establishments and catering companies. The variety of distinctive areas where she has lived influences her work and serves as a culinary inspiration. From Hawaii and St. Louis to Arizona and the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida, she enjoys mixing flavors from different cultures to bring to the table an inspired dining experience.


Chef Lara began her tenure with the Emerald Coast Convention Center in 2007 and has enjoyed over eight years here as our Sous Chef. During her time at the Emerald Coast Convention Center, Chef Lara has planned and executed many weddings, corporate events, and major events as the All Sports Banquet, the Emerald Coast Regional Seder Dinner, the grand opening of our own Bayview Plaza, EOD Memorial Ball, and AFSOC Order of the Sword.